“Zoe is an excellent therapist who got to know me and worked with me on a very individual basis to make therapy work for me, not the other way around.  She has achieved the not-so-minor accomplishment of ironically getting me out of my head by going deeper in, and after 5 years of anxiety it’s only taken a few months for me to feel completely different.”

“I always felt that I wasn’t alone and I am grateful to have had this experience with someone so understanding.”

“I now live a happy life with my anxiety. It is part of me but because I was given the right tools and support I was able to use them to gain control. I still have my bad hours, days and weeks but I know whatever happens I have the control and I believe I will be ok. Zoe gave me a quote, one that I related to and now try and live by…. “you may not be able to adjust the direction of the wind, but you can adjust the sails.”

“These have been difficult times for me and your work has been invaluable for helping me on the path to enjoying life again. You have helped with my problems beyond expectations.”

“When I first started my sessions I felt alone, afraid and not in control of my own mind. Zoe was that light in my week. I knew after a session I would be leave feeling a little more hopeful that one day I might be able to be happy.”

“When I arrived for my first session with Zoe my anxiety and depression were preventing me living my life the way I use to. I was determined to get back on track but I didn’t know how. Therapy with Zoe provided me with the direction and guidance I needed to help get back to my usual self. Zoe was so understanding and brilliant to speak to and I will continue to remain in touch and have regular check-in sessions in the future.”

How Can Therapy Help You?

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