DNA-V Therapy

DNA-V Therapy

DNA is the genetic material that determines how we look and function. However, there is a different type of DNA which has been developed to help us understand how we feel and we act in the world.

It comprises three skills we all have from being born: our Discoverer, Noticer and Advisor skills. Transforming each skill into a character allows children and young people to see what might be getting in the way of them leading their lives according to what is uniquely important to them; their Values (DNA-V).

They are encouraged to start noticing to the advice they give themselves. This can be helpful advice – “You shouldn’t work alone in the dark “– but it might also be unhelpful Advice – “You’re boring. These people won’t want to know you.”

By developing their noticer skills children learn to become aware of the advice they are giving themselves and to identify if this is helpful or unhelpful to them. If it is unhelpful, they can use their discoverer skills to try alternative courses of action that could in turn help them to start updating that advice.

This approach has helped clients across the board, from children from as young as 9 years old struggling with negative self-esteem to adults struggling with a fear of blushing. It encourages therapy sessions which are flexible, creative, positive and engaging for the child, teenager or adult.

How Can Therapy Help You?

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